54th Grammy Awards – read this post backwards

Conclusion: Besides the Minaj Misfortune, one of the best Grammys EVER. But I say that every year. Shout out to my girls and their insightful comments.  Next year they’ll be able to stay up even later.

11:23 LL Cool J gives us a good night.  Paul McCartney takes us home. Still. Got. It.  Plus I take back what we said about the Boo Fighters.

11:20 Nominations for Album of the Year…  Based on best reaction to announcement of name, award should not go to Adele Atkins… but she redeemed herself with snotty-nosed emotional fank you speech.

11:11 Ms. Atkins won again!  Best New Artist.  “This is ridiculous!” she says, “Fank you!”

11:07 Nikki Minaj = very Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The girl can rap, but awfully irreverent.  Did a psycho choir just since “Oh Come all ye faithful?”  She’s proven that I can still get offended. I’m not even sorry I maybe spelled her name wrong.

11:04  Still find it hard to believe that Drake is (a) Canadian and (b) went to Degrassi High.  Nikki Minaj – is she singing to one of the Beach Boys in a confessional?

10:57 Creepy Mickey Mouse?  Must Google who–what this is?  Feeling old and so are the Foo Fighters, but they won’t admit it.

10:50 Chris Brown was obviously warming up for this performance and he’s finally dressed. Re David Guetta, DJing is a sweet gig.  Boo Fighters are back – not so bad.  Feeling the 90s vibe again.

10:43 Jennifer Hudson sings Whitney.  Beautiful, moving… what Whitney was, and then wasn’t.  More tragic because we all saw it coming.

10:40 I watch most of the In Memoriam clips thinking, Oh THAT’s who sang/wrote that and now I miss them.

10:33 Best New Artist, Bon Iver.  His falsetto won the votes, not his charisma.  “Sweet hookup.”  Glad he mentioned the elephant in the room, his own discomfort.

10:31 Speaking of legends, Tony Bennett, sings with hand in pocket.  He’s that classy.

10:20 Glenn Campbell, feeling his legend, finishes with “and cowgirl…!” How did he think that up?

10:18 Tribute to the Rhinestone Cowboy!   Love it when musicians look like they are having fun when they play and enjoying this whole singing thing. Into the Band Perry and Blake Shelton versions!

10:06  Adele Atkins belting out the song that makes every preteen girl dream big.  Someday they will sing THIS SONG at the Grammys. Rolling in the Deep.  An emotional performance… by Sophia.  Go to bed, Sophia!

10:02 Lady Antebellum wins Best Country Album.  We never recognize the girl singer, she looks different every time.

9:58  The eternal dilemma with awards shows – how late is too late? OK, for real, girls, you have to go to bed.

9:54 Planned technical difficulties?!  How did Katy Perry do that?

9:51 Somewhat happy that Adele Atkins won Song of the Year. Still rooting for Mumford & Sons, but… any song that gets that much airplay on the radio, has to win something.  Had NO IDEA she had a last name.

9:40  Speaking of getting dressed, Taylor Swift is dressed like Grammy at the Grammys.  Get it?  Cute reaction at the end of her song, like she just realized all these people are clapping for lil old me?

9:37  Chris Brown wins best R&B and finally gets dressed.  Somehow it still seems like he’s missing an item of clothing.

9:33 We find Paul McCartney’s vibrato impressive.  We’re wondering why we’re enjoying this song although it isn’t too lively.  Sophia says, It’s because you can feel the passion.

9:31  Mallory asks, Does Stevie Wonder go to every Grammy Awards?  Sophia asks, Is he blind?

9:25 I contemplate sending girls to bed. It’s already 25 minutes past their bedtime.  What’s a few more?  If Daddy were here right now, he would not allow this.  That’s why I’m the favourite.

9:23 Glimpse of Lady Gaga in audience.  Girls worried that if she wins she won’t be able to say her speech.  How will she manipulate her mouth to say t-h-a-n-k–y-o-u?

9:22 Always worried about band reunions.  Hardly ever a good idea.  This time, it was a smart risk.  Not much movement from the original Beach Boys, but their sound is good.  Sophia thinks they look cute together.

9:18  Surprisingly impressed with Maroon 5’s version of Beach Boy’s “Surfer Girl.”  Girls singing along not to make it sound better, just because they like the song.

9:16 “Long live Rock & Roll!” yelled out to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem.  Ironic, no?

9:14 Foo Fighters win Best Rock Performance.  Sophia says “Boo Fighters.”  We were rooting for Mumford & Sons.  This is not unbiased reporting.

9:02 Coldplay’s Graffiti – Sophia’s favourite art form.  Mallory feels she has to sing along with Chris Martin to make it sound better.  Sophia feels the only explanation is that he’s either sick or it’s his evil twin.

8:58 Mallory on Rihanna, “I thought her hair was normally bright red.” Sophia is disturbed by the dancing.

8:51 Sophia on Foo Fighters performance, “I’m glad THAT’s over with.”  We put up with it like we put up with the commercials, except the commercials are more interesting.

8:40 Girls trying to figure out who Kelly Clarkson is.

8:38 Best Rap Performance goes to Jay-Z and Kanye West.  Mallory thinks that if you win an award and aren’t there to collect it, it should go to the next person.  It’s only fair.

8:29 Chris Brown looks like he got dressed for rehearsal, not performance.  His rubber band legs are mesmerizing.

We started a little late – had to get PJ’s on and teeth brushed first for quick entry into bed on my say-so. The girls and I are trying out our own version of live blogging.


2 thoughts on “54th Grammy Awards – read this post backwards

  1. Loved that Marcus Mumford and his sons gave Ms. Atkins a standing ovation.
    Agree with the sentiments re Minaj(?) except that, as Katie pointed out, she was clearly lip syncing the whole thing, in the really pathetic levitation sequence, It would be very difficult to sing in that position (there was a whole diaphragm explanation from Kate, to which I just nodded sagely!)
    There. that is my twopenceworth! Have a nice day.
    PS I thought it was much more exorcist than Rocky Horror, at least Rocky manages to laugh at itself (and the time warp is a great number that has stood the test of time, unlike mini Minaj) ;)

    • Agreed re Minaj – it was humourless. Rocky Horror was the first thing that popped into my mind (live-blogging isn’t highly contemplative). Always enjoy your 2 cents.

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