Moment Junkie

ImageI took this photo when we lived in Ghana.  It was day at the beach, when the sun was behind the clouds and the world was in black and white for just a moment.  The photo was a fluke – the bustling activity on the beach, even a ball in the air, captured in time and reverence.  My Aunt Marj commented on it when I posted in on Facebook, “I like photos because they trap for a time a moment that would be buried under other moments that were more demanding of our attention.”

Which is exactly why I’m hooked on Moment Junkie, a blog that showcases beautiful, awkward, touching, hilarious moments photographers capture at weddings.  For a good photographer these moments aren’t flukes.

I wonder, what did we do before we all had cameras in our cell phones and sites to display them?  How were these moments captured, savoured or celebrated?

Last night was my father-in-law’s birthday. My going through photos has brought a new zeal to my desire to document passing moments.  I’m getting sentimental in my old age.  I brought my camera, but soon discovered that I’d left behind the memory card.  And believe me, when you lug around a Canon EOS, it had better be put to good use. I was upset about it and hoped someone else would be willing to capture the fun the kids were having, the ways that they engage with each other and the adults, the stages of life we’re at, the new renos at my sister-in-laws house (done by the birthday boy himself no less), all those candles on the birthday cake… but no, they’d rather enjoy the moment.  I can’t blame them; these moments are fleeting.


2 thoughts on “Moment Junkie

  1. How true! Despite best intentions of photographing and preserving moments, it rarely happens for me. It seems that the trade-off of being behind the camera is to often actually miss savouring the moment at the time. Maybe we all just need a personal wedding photographer for our lives…

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