Thoughts on fasting for the second whole day in a row

Because I’m underemployed, my husband has me on a strict budget.  No extras. No incidentals. No spending without express permission from him, and only under certain categories.  Other certain categories have been removed from the budget altogether, like magazines and clothing accessories.  How horrible is that?  I thought SURELY, because I’m fasting remember, the decrease in actual spending in the grocery category alone would allow me to purchase this very inspiring book, which would go far in helping me on my journey to find gainful employment and/or fruitful ministry.

You see the progression of my logic, right?

Well, he doesn’t.

Good thing RSS Feeds are FREE!  Check out the blog of Mary Jo Sharp at Confident Christianity, a Christian Apologetics ministry that addresses the hard questions of Christianity through research, writing, training, and debate. (I do find some irony in the fact that I can’t convince my husband to buy me a book that will teach me how to debate.)  I’m inspired by this woman who is using her brain in powerful ways.


One thought on “Thoughts on fasting for the second whole day in a row

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