Prayer and Fasting – Day 30

For want of an hour a blog was lost.

I have five posts floating in my head waiting to be fastened to the blog.  For now they’ll have to keep floating as I have offered to help a desperate friend with a moving sale at her bead store for the next two weeks.  Yesterday was my training day.  I said a lot of, “Bear with me, I’m new,” after saying, “Did you know the store is moving locations?”  I’m hoping the 10-50 percent off sales will persuade people to put up with all the inconvenient news I’m delivering.

This working for a living is hard stuff.  I was on my feet for eight solid hours yesterday.  And guess who’s the idiot who wore heels?  Plus I used up my word quota within the first two hours.  Rookie move, I’d made plans with friends after work.  They graciously kept the conversation going while wondering if I was ticked at them for no apparent reason.  (Sorry Chels!  Sorry Kim!  I can move my lips again and not in the sneer I thought was a smile.)

Today, I get to be on my own for the afternoon.  It’s actually a lot of fun.  I love hearing about this customer’s wedding in October (bridesmaids will be wearing eggplant), and this teacher’s summer plans, and this gal’s creative projects on the go. I forgot how much I love interacting with customers!  But keep in mind, today’s Day Two!  I may change my tune by sundown.

As for my fast, it’s ongoing and habitual.  I’ve found it’s easy now to only eat two meals and to ignore the hunger cravings.  Prayer has become reactionary now in most situations, which I’m thrilled about.  My one struggle is that I seem to run out of time each day, unable to spend long amounts of time in conversation with God.  Whether I’ve been working at the store or for other reasons, my days have become full.  I see that I didn’t make it the priority it needed to be each day – first and foremost – and so over the past week it has been bumped off the calendar when other things have “come up.”  I must now get up a little earlier to rectify that. I notice the difference – a big one – when I miss that concentrated time with God.

And although some parts are getting “easier,” I miss the struggle of the fast that it was in the beginning.  I have all kinds of thoughts about that, about how there is great joy and privilege in wrestling and in struggling when you commit that to him. God blesses you with wisdom and peace in the midst of it.

Right now, though, I have to wrestle on a pair of flats and get my butt out the door.  Day Two, here I come!


2 thoughts on “Prayer and Fasting – Day 30

  1. The wrestling does add vitality for sure. Yet somehow, I find the wrestling exhausting and try to move past it as fast as I can. Perhaps because it’s hard and easy seems more appealing? Hmm, food for thought …

    Good luck on day two, I’m sure it will be great!

    • Thanks Chelsea! And thanks for a lovely visit last night! I have more thoughts on wrestling that I’m eager to share… when I have TIME…

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