Anticipating a Costa Rican Anniversary Adventure

In just one week, John-Mark and I will be going to Costa Rica to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.

Before you go saying how romantic this is, I would also like to point out that John-Mark purchased our accommodations via wag jag (sketchy) and we’re not even going to bother about our transportation till we get there (cheeky).  This, my friends, is an ADVENTURE.

I know next to nothing about Costa Rica.  I’ve heard of two other people who have travelled there before and one person who ran a resort that went bankrupt (didn’t sell enough wag jag coupons?).

I know that Costa Rica is located in Central America.  I know that it is hot and humid and we’re visiting during rainy season.  I’ve heard that the wildlife is “quite something,” which scares me more than excites me about the trip.  I know they speak Spanish.  This is the extent of my knowledge.  Typical dwellings? Cuisine?  Handicrafts? Clothing? Music?  No clue!  But can’t wait to find out!

John-Mark, on the other hand, checked out every travel guide the library had – 11 seems right – and read them cover to cover.  He would have checked out 12, but one was out on loan by another patron of the library.  However, John-Mark was sure to put number 12 on hold, to be notified for immediate pick up.   I forbade him to check it out.  11 was enough.  More than enough.  If he read that 12th travel book, he would no longer need to visit Costa Rica.  I would go without him.

He knew that was an empty threat since I have no idea where I’d be going or how to get there.  Still, he was kind enough to remove the hold.

I love the idea of going in “cold” and discovering Costa Rica, as shown to me by the country herself.  This is the opposite of our regular Ghana excursions, as we are always trying our best to understand cultural practices and to pass them on to others who visit for the purpose and benefit of our partnership.

But this trip is not to Ghana and it is not a mission trip.  Crazy, eh?!  This will be the first vacation that J-M and I have spent alone together since our honeymoon.  We plan to do nothing for 10 days but explore Costa Rica, relax, read lots and… other private stuff.

I am anticipating that time will slow down a little.  That might be unrealistic?   It will be just us and no real agenda.  I am bringing my camera and my laptop.  J-M is letting me write while we are there.  I can pretend I’m a travel journalist and let you know about some of my discoveries.  Maybe I’ll make friends with a monkey.  You’ll want to know about that.  John-Mark would check that out at the library.

I have no idea if we’ll have WiFi because I have no idea where we are staying.  J-M said we’re travelling from the mountains to the rainforest to the coast to the city.  Sounds perfect to me.


2 thoughts on “Anticipating a Costa Rican Anniversary Adventure

  1. Loreli, how wonderful for you. I love Costa Rica….my favorite place of all time. You can be on the coast and in a few short hours you can be in the rain forest or the desert. We have been twice. The first time was 14 days of “winging it” and the 2nd time we stayed at a favorite haunt. Expect friendly people and unpopulated beaches. Roads are few and towns are well spaced. Food is simple….rice, beans and fried cheese! If you have been to Mexico do not think that is will be anything like it because of its geographical location….Costa Rica is much different than Mexico. We landed in San Jose/Alajuela , rented a car and headed out. First stop was Grecia. and then we headed for the cloud forest or was it the forest in the clouds? Amazing! Banking is different from here. Get there early in the morning and line up. Banks are heavily guarded even in the tourist areas. I think your pin numbers can only be 4 #’s long. Have a great time……you are going to love it! Sandra Spinks (Stone House Studio Designs) (and yes I have been following you for the past 41 days…interesting reflections)

    • Sandra, I’m so glad to hear that your “winging it” turned into “my favourite place of all time!” Sounds awesome! I haven’t been to Mexico. I did spend a summer in Bolivia as a teen, but I don’t expect it would be the same except for the language… Thanks for the tips! I’ll pass them to J-M! ;) Thanks for speaking up too! So nice to know who’s reading.

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