As John-Mark and I were enjoying one of the three hot tubs at Rio Celeste, we spotted a particularly young couple arriving at the hotel.  We thought we were young till they came, darn it.  We speculated that they were on their honeymoon. After getting the tour from Juan Carlo, while we were still soaking our cares away, the couple came to the pool.

The young man jumped right into the pool and swam to impress, with a powerful front stroke… till he couldn’t hold his breath anymore and came up for air, gasping and flailing.  He took a moment, caught his breath, then went for another spin.  She was entirely delighted with him.

“Remember when you used to try and impress me?” I asked J-M.

They left the pool after his performance.  She had to put her running shoes on.  As she tied up one shoe, he waited impatiently, then started to go before she was ready.  She stuffed her foot in the other shoe, laces untied, grabbed her stuff and ran after him, very much in love.

“Thank you for always waiting for me to tie up my shoes,” I told J-M.


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