Mind-melting Miscellany

If I had a super power… it would be the ability to over-think a thing.  My enemies would panic in light of my ability to process and question their diabolic monologues till they themselves would wonder, how did this all get started and why am I wearing this cape?

It would be a contagious power because I don’t like to think alone.  Join me in this League of Queriers, won’t you?  The only criteria is that you’ve got nothing better to do.

Here’s a sampling of the things that I’ve been thinking about this week (links to articles in bullet point titles):

  • What women’s ministry can be – The author of this article says, “When you experience true, God-honoring women’s ministry, you want more of it.”  Of course, this pricked my virtual ears as this is what we want for our women in our ministry.  I just don’t love the part in the article where women’s ministry sins are aired.  I don’t love the fact that we all probably have similar stories to tell. I don’t love that there are women’s ministry drop-outs because of bad experiences.  I don’t love that if we convince women to come out to our women’s ministry that they will be looking to us to provide them with a good experience…  What’s the disparity?  And where does grace enter into the conversation?  Seriously, I’m asking.
  • Looking good in photographs – When I lurk your Facebook photos, I’m actually rooting for your good pictures.  I move a little quicker over your unflattering pictures and linger a little longer on the ones where you look dyn-o-mite.  Am I wrong? I’m willing to go out on the limb so that you can admit you feel the same.  This will bring me great  relief to know that I don’t have to tell my friend to take down the awful pics y’all are going to skip right over anyway.  #vanity #ihavemanylevels
  • The man who carried his son over burning coals – I’m following the blog of this author who is currently writing for World Vision and blogging his experience visiting his sponsored child in Sri Lanka.  I read this account and am astounded at a father’s devotion.  Where does it come from?  Fear of the gods he worships?  Love for his son?  Cultural pressure? Something entirely different?  I may never find out… but it does make me stop and ask what my devotion to a real and living God looks like.
  • Be secretly incredible –  “So many people want to cut a deal and convert people [to their way of thinking]. But I learned that we’re the ones who need to be converted into being better friends, who have no angle on anything we do, other than to just love people more and ‘leak’ Jesus. Because you leak what you love.” I’ll admit that my first reaction after reading this account was to wonder if this was an effective model for evangelism. And then I realized to wonder that is to miss the point (or prove it).

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