Operation: Recipe Swap

This post has been written, but not published, for over a month.  The idea has been percolating in my head since the summer.  I’ve held onto it because it actually frightens me to suggest what is set out below.  I will become accountable to my words.  But as time passes by, the longer I wait, the more I feel an urgency to make this happen…

A few years ago, John-Mark went away for a couple weeks.  I had a friend over to cook for me because – for fear of repeating myself – I don’t.  When this friend asked for items to aid with the preparation of the meal, like oven mitts, baking sheets, or serving dishes, I was at a  loss to find them.  Did we even own any?  When she used the stove top, it emitted a noxious odor from something that had spilled over from a previous meal from who knows how long ago.  When I went to set the table, I was embarrassed to see that our cutlery drawer was unorganized and full of crumbs, as if someone buttered their toast directly over it, for weeks.   How had I not seen that before?  My excuse for all these things, which I repeated to my gracious friend ad nauseum that evening, “This is a man’s kitchen.” Continue reading

Praise God, I’m lamenting

Sophia had a meltdown last night.  20+ minutes of straight-from-the-gut, banshee wailing.  She could not be consoled. She went to our bed to do it, throwing her whole body into her cry, her wet face smooshed into the pillow.  I was so glad she picked John-Mark’s side. Continue reading