I gave myself a promotion

I had registered a new business the day I unregistered from Big Village back in February, but it was just this weekend that I pressed PUBLISH on the site and made it known that I’d be jumping back in the game of looking for customers.  I’m an entrepreneur once more.  How appropriate since its Small Business Week in Canada!  I’m inclined to thank Canada, or more specifically BDC, for the grand welcome.

My new business is called Your Biggest Fan. I offer social media services to small businesses and artists.

Large companies build social media management into their marketing strategies.  Small businesses often wish to, but since everything falls to the owner it becomes difficult to initiate or maintain.  I remember well having to think through the details of how my business was run – from accounting and finance, to creativity and production.  Social media can fall by the wayside and yet it has a mighty power to build clientele and loyalty, especially for small businesses.

Some of you know I’ve been dabbling in this already.  I’ve been helping friends who are small business owners get started or maintain their accounts for them.  I do it for various church ministries and, of course, have a regular gig with The Free Methodist Church in Canada.  I decided to turn what has been a hobby into a concerted effort, because I believe in it and I enjoy it.   What I most enjoy about it, besides getting the chance to be creative in this forum, is relieving the burden of the business owner; they know they can leave this piece in my hands, and it grows and guards their business while they sleep, so to speak.

To be quite honest, I’m looking forward to getting out into the workforce again.  Church work has occupied my life – and as pastor’s wife and ministry leader so it should – but as you may remember from my 40-day fast back in May, it does not pay the bills.   Of course, being the owner means I can manage my schedule in order to maintain what I’ve been doing at the church without interruption.  This is important, since it was what I understood about my place in ministry at the end of the fast, that I was to keep going.

John-Mark was relieved by my decision, so much so he did my graphic design for the site.  Check it out: www.yourbiggestfan.net.

And my kids? Well, as long as nothing much changes in their life, they’re OK with it, if a little confused.

Sophia: But what do you do?

Me: I help promote small businesses through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Sophia: Aren’t you a small business?

Me: Yes.

Sophia: Don’t you need to promote yourself then?

Me: Yes… My business is promoted when I promote other businesses.

Sophia: So you promote businesses who promote your business who promote businesses who promote your business who promote businesses?



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