My Version: The Results

Did the girls like coming home to a “delectable smell coming from the kitchen?” Did they love the dinner their Mommy made them? Did they eat it all up, right to the last morsel?

Oh, yes they did. They know better than to bruise my ego.

Mallory did express her concern that we might be talking too much about food.  That was after I suggested she do a guest blog reviewing the dinner.

Sophia thought the stew could use a little less pepper.

But they both framed their criticisms in a Positive Sandwich, so I’m feeling OK about things.

In other news, I think that marjoram is a phantom spice.  Both thyme and marjoram were called for in the recipe. I, as you know, had no marjoram and found out that an appropriate substitute for marjoram is… thyme?  So add thyme and thyme to the recipe?  Someone’s pulling my leg.  And the stew tasted like it was missing nothing.

Next week, a birthday cooking lesson with my mom, who likes to let you know when dinner is ready by setting off the fire alarm.  Stay tuned!


One thought on “My Version: The Results

  1. haha! Poor Peggy- that was ONE time wasn’t it?! anyway- those of who may be somewhat known for burning things, still turn out a good dish when we focus hard :D

    Good observation about Marjaram. Its a mystery spice though too- supposedly sweet, I don’t think of it like Thyme. Its in a great coffee cake recipe I have- and would never put Thyme in that! I guess that’s why that article said something about choosing one particular substitute over the other, ‘depending on the recipe’. Anyway, I’m sure you’re kitchen will live without it!

    Way to go! success! even with distractions….. ;P

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