A Year of Eating Local


  • This isn’t a cooking blog.
  • I’m not starting yet another business, writing challenge or holy experiment (today).


  • I have been writing a lot about cooking lately, haven’t I?
  • All this thinking about food has started a lot of interesting conversations with a lot of interesting people.
  • I have also been reading cooking blogs.

All this THINKING and TALKING and READING about food has, obviously, made me more mindful of what I consume and how.  I have always been one to shop local, but I’m starting to realize the huge benefit of eating local as well.  It’s not just about our economy (although that’s a biggie).  It’s about our health.  It’s about caring for our neighbours.  It’s about literally and figuratively feeding the things you’d love to see grow.

While we’re mulling (a cooking term!) that over, I’d like to redirect you to the blog The Ontario Table, which puts out a challenge for all of us.  It’s a $10 Challenge to eat locally.  That means if you and I and our friends spend $10 a week on local food, there’s the potential to boost our local economy by $2.4 billion.  If $10 x 1 week = $2.4 billion then either my math is off, or a few of us need to get active.

As I get comfortable in the kitchen, I plan on introducing local foods where I can.  I will let you know where I spend my $10.  Thankfully, The Ontario Table gives you lots of tips and hints to help us with that challenge.  Do you have any?  Where do you “shop local?”


3 thoughts on “A Year of Eating Local

  1. I’m a market regular summer and fall and I love my Saturday morning routine. There’s also a great store on Dunlop called Local Food Mart – the meat is excellent, they have a fantastic selection of locally made dips, sauces, salsas and chutneys that are so much better than anything President’s choice puts out and I come out with something new everytime. I’d love to do more shopping there but it is more expensive than a regulart grocery store. It’s a great place to go to get a few special items and the $10 challenge wouldn’t be hard to do there!

    • Thanks so much for the tip, Tan! I’ll check it out – I actually think you mentioned it to me back in the summer when my ears were not attuned to “food.”

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