Stuffing on the menu

I don’t know the correct tally of all the stuffing dishes that were available at the community dinner at our church on Christmas day.  What I do know is that our friend Louise, who was organizing the kitchen chaos, whisked Deb’s stuffing away along with the rest. She said something along the lines of “Deb makes THEE best stuffing.”  Louise has an English accent, so it adds credibility to the statement.

BFMC Christmas Dinner 117 BFMC Christmas Dinner 110

Throughout the day I had to ask how our stuffing was and whether it was being cared for well and I could hardly get an answer because the thing was under such tight wraps.  I was worried that I wouldn’t get to try “our” stuffing what with the millions of people in the buffet line. I discovered that Louise was keeping it back, like Jesus, saving the best wine for last.

BFMC Christmas Dinner 094 BFMC Christmas Dinner 113

Eventually, Deb had to SNEAK me and Kelsey a forkful to try it.

BFMC Christmas Dinner 160

Eating Stuffing with Kelsey

At first I was hamming it up, but I think you can see in my eyes in that last panel that I am a True Believer. It really is THEE best!  It’s not just gravy Deb’s got a knack for.

Louise did send me home with  a big plateful of it and I had stuffing for breakfast and lunch the next day and am thinking fondly of it now… Would it be crazy to make stuffing for dinner?  Do I have to wait for turkey?

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