Operation: Recipe Swap Status Update

It may seem like my Operation: Recipe Swap (herein “ORS”) posts have been lagging.  This is true.  I have many excusesreasons.  This  hierarchy of concerns has been on my mind, showed up in my shoulders and possibly affected my immune system.  How have I dealt with these priorities, the grandest of which is a half-finished Wesleyan theology paper due at the end of the month?  I’ve effectively procrastinated myself down to the lowest determinant on my TO DO list.

I find myself polishing my mirrors and plucking my eyebrows a lot lately in order to avoid finishing the things of utmost importance.   This means that hardly anything of intermediate value gets attended to.  But I’m working my way up! My windows are so clean, I am now forced to blog. I’ll finish the paper… tomorrow.

Another item taking up room on the TO DO list is a this nebulous “creative project” I have been talking about here and there, on Facebook, on my business blog, in conversation.

Remember when you walked with me through a 40-day fast back in the spring.  It was an open enquiry of God, asking him where he was leading me.  You may then also remember that his answer was stay put/keep going or, in other words “as you were.”

“As you were” has meant to me that I continue to lead (and love) the women’s ministry at our church, to take advantage of outside ministry/speaking opportunities, to take theology courses with a view to formal ministerial candidacy, and to chug along with my social media training business, Your Biggest Fan.

Since the start of the year, I have a new inspiration and have come to believe – wait for it – there is a book in me to write.  Maybe it was the Zeebly Social Me app that revealed that I’ve written more words in Facebook updates than C.S. Lewis did for the Narnia chronicles.  Say what?  (Try it, you might find that there is a book in you too!)

Even so, I’ve been legitimately thinking that God has given me a unique and maybe even needed message. AND I have a desire to write it.  So I feel like it’s a now or never kind of thing.  I don’t want to divulge too much only because I know, from the testimony of other writers, that books can morph and evolve while you’re writing them, so I don’t want to back pedal on this in a year’s time.  I can see it now; what starts off as “Parenting Teens in the New Millenium” turns into “All You Need to Know About Your Pet Beta Fish.” (Neither of which I have any knowledge, if you’re trying to guess.)

Of course my personal blog has always been for me on the Fun Side of Life section of my brain.  It’s an outlet, just like having tea dates and walks with friends.  The ORS challenge was born out a desire to connect in a different and real way with my friends and family and to challenge myself creatively and to exercise my stick-to-itiveness.  I have loved everything about it, but regret that it is being necessarily interrupted.

Having said that, the lulled lessons pick up again in March (getting back on the horse with Tanya Prinsep!).  I will be in touch with those of you who have expressed an interest in participating in my education of edibles, my apprenticeship of appetizers, my indoctrination of ingredients…

I am grateful for YOUR stick-to-itiveness.  We still have many stories and recipes to swap!

Here’s something fun!  I’ve started an ORS Facebook Group so that we can truly swap recipes!  There are already some great recipes, tips and tricks on there.  Please join us!


2 thoughts on “Operation: Recipe Swap Status Update

    • Tonya, I wondered who would pick up on that piece! :) Emphasis on “with a view,” it’s one step at a time in that direction to see where God is leading. We shall see! In the meantime, I loved learning about our founder, John Wesley. I think everyone would benefit from this course!

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