Parenting Teens – Spare Me a Word or Two

She tosses the permission form at me across the table. She’s filled the form out completely, except for the signature line. I figure out quickly, that part is for me.

“What’s this all about?” I ask, even though I could see clearly that her Grade 11 law class is going for a visit to the court house. Hey, I work in law! This is my scene! Maybe I could tell her about the ins and outs of starting a lawsuit, some of the behind-the-scenes details they surely will leave out of the official tour. Who wouldn’t want extra information – she could use it to impress her friends!

“Trip,” she mumbles.

“One word?? You can only squeak out A word?”

A trip,” she enunciates. Oh, and I get it as quickly as spotted that signature line. She’s avoiding the conversation I want to unleash on her.

“Good. Two words, much better. Just for that, I am so blogging about you.”

And since my threat made a compact laugh escape her mouth, in addition to her two wordlets, I’m following through, which is a parenting essential, even in these silent teen years.

So tempted right now to mark YES to volunteer for this trip.

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