Faith like Olu (Part II) – in a word

Olu, our Nigerian friend, the refugee, changed his Whatsapp profile picture.

Take that, Justin Trudeau.

Olu recently started to ask for something. Have I heard about any jobs? Do I know of any work? Can we put the word out for him? Olu is hard-working, excellent in customer service, energetic, a go-getter, a quick learner… He doesn’t need to convince me, I’m sold. Except I have no leads, I have no contacts, I’m new to Toronto myself. I don’t even know where to direct him. Continue reading

Faith like Olu

His name is Olu. He’s from Nigeria.

I met him by the elevator at work. He looked confused. He was wondering how to get to the travel clinic. It was his third day in Canada. He was a refugee. I called J-M and he came for dinner that night. Continue reading