About Me

My name is Loreli.

Loreli Galbraith CockramIt is pronounced Lor-eh-lee, with the emphasis on either the Lor or the lee, but not the eh.

Truth is, I don’t really care if you pronounce it wrong, but it’s a helpful guide for those who need it to feel comfortable when addressing me. You may think that’s crazy, but listen to this. One time I went out with a friend I’d known for 15 years. We bumped into someone I knew only as an acquaintance who pronounced my name Lor-a-lie. I didn’t correct him. The first friend was so disturbed that maybe she had been calling me the wrong name all these years. Be at ease, dear friends, and blame my parents.

I am married to a pastor.

His name is John-Mark, who goes by J-M. (Yes, the dash is included in the short form. I once texted him without it and he got offended.)

John-Mark and LoreliWhen I married him 17 years ago, he was a teacher. I like to tell people that so that they infer that I didn’t sign up for this. It helps to take off any pressure, because I really, really don’t have this pastor’s wife thing down. Like my boundaries are terrible. I don’t know how to minister to people without becoming friends with them. We live too close to the church, within “knocking distance.” And sometimes I forget that I’m not the pastor.

Being so involved in church ministry means J-M and I must love the church – because we ain’t in it for the perks. Except one can borrow the fold-out tables for one’s family gatherings. We do love the church, deeply, and we always return the tables in excellent condition.

I am Mom to two teen girls.

1376460_10153442137355492_42465185_nThey don’t even call me Mom. They still call me Mommy – I make them. I also make them kiss me in front of the school when I drop them off in the morning. They roll their eyes, but they do it. I don’t post about them very often any more. I used to, but then they took control of their own image. When I do post, I’m not allowed to tag them. They approve all comments I make on their page.

I’m going to attempt to brag about them here without them knowing. So quick, before they read this, Mallory is a brainiac, a neat freak, with a deep sense of justice. She speaks geek fluently. She puts me to shame with her work ethic, her ability to make money, and her quick wit. Sophia (Fifi) is highly creative, crazy intelligent, and has wicked dance moves. She is a gatherer, of art supplies, clothes and friends. Where there is laughter, you will find Fifi at the centre of it.

They both take after their father.

I am a social media enthusiast.

Facebook makes you jealous. We all need to spend more time off our phones. Virtual friendships are not the same as real friendships. The internet is dangerous.

I know.

I see all the things that are wrong with it… AND all the things that are right (or could be) with it. With the internet came unprecedented access to information; with social media came unprecedented access to relationships. That means opportunities to influence and connect and love. I will be the flag-bearer for using social media for the good and, oh, you’ll hear about it… unless you’ve hidden me from your newsfeed.

I write.

I write because it helps me to pray, to worship, to encourage, to console, to connect, and to process. Which is a probably just a cooler way to say it’s the way I learn. What I like most to learn about and, therefore write about, is how to live out one’s faith in the day-to-day. I mean, we’ve been given this incredible gift from God of life, love and grace and we must find ways to embrace it and offer it in the routine, the ordinary, and, yes, the drudgery. Transformation is experienced in the ongoing daily.

I also don’t like to learn alone, so that’s why I like to press the publish button after I write.

Currently, besides this blog, I’ve given myself a writing project, a theological exploration of beauty. There’s lots of talk about the constant barrage of body image messages and its effects on women, but do we have an answer? I’ve been thrilled to discover the depth of insight the Bible offers to us – it has rocked my world, to be honest – and I want to share it the best way I know how – by writing about it. I also really like talking about it.

I’m growing out my grey.

Loreli Growing out GreyPart of this Biblical exploration of beauty is experiencing the one physical trait that the Bible endorses – a crown of glory! I wondered about the fear and shame that drove me to the bottle (the Loreal kind) every 4 weeks to hide those roots. I decided to try welcoming grey instead. At this moment, I’m in month four and intermittently horrified that I’ve made a terrible choice. I live in faith that the fear will subside and I’ll discover the splendor – the Bible told me so.

I follow Christ.

There’s a whole lot to say about this. In fact, this blog, if it is anything, is about learning to live in Christ. I used to be ashamed to call myself a Christian. But then, one day, I had a tangible encounter with this person I’d previously only known by name and philosophy. At a time in my life when I needed forgiveness more than I needed to breath, God answered my desperate prayer and made himself known. He turned my life around and now, to leave Christ out of the equation is unthinkable. It’s as futile as leaving out my husband or kids. Christ is real, he’s alive, there’s simply no denying it – Christ saves.

Find me.

There’s more, grown-up information about me on LinkedIn. You can find me mostly on Facebook, my favourite haunt. Next in line is Instagram. I also hang out on Twitter and Pinterest. I do not hang out on Google+ even though I have an account. (I’m sorry, I tried, but it’s just so echoey in there), but if you +1, I’ll +1 you back. If you want be vintage about it, email me! Would love to talk, learn and explore with you!

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Loreli (don’t think I spelled it right), It has been a long time! I am glad to see you are still writing. I have let a lot of time lapse but I am going to get back at writing. Facebook has become an unsatisfying and unsafe place to express my feelings and thoughts. I think I might be able to control the “audience” I little better here. I still remember us conspiring with God to bring about a ripple of blessings. It makes me smile every time I think about it. Towels, anyone?
    P.S. Life it hard but we love it anyway.

    • Wow Dixie! What a blast from the past! I really miss you and *our* towel story is one of my favourite Africa stories to tell. God truly worked through you in a powerful way!

      I’m thrilled that you looked me up! I’m not blogging as frequently as I’d like… but you just gave me a boost to keep going. So glad you’re on here! Happy to be back in touch! (I’m going to go visit your site right. now.)

  2. Loreli, I really love and appreciate your honesty! You have a gift for writing, so I encourage you to cultivate it. Your really relate to people – men and women – through your writing. The pastor’s wife thing…I didn’t sign up for it either. I also married a teacher. However, God had other ideas and I feel honoured that He trusted me with this position in life. He trusts you, too.The best advice I can give is that we’ll never “master ” this. We don’t need to. I believe God just wants us to love and support our husbands as we would no matter what jobs they have and to relax and be ourselves! I look forward to reading more!

    • Thanks, as always, for your encouragement, Lynn! You have been an example to me of understanding this position as a privilege instead of a pain! I want to be just like you when I grow up!

  3. Loreli, do you speak at retreats or women’s events? I facebooked you but wuld love to send you an email about possibly speaking at our womens Christmas event if you think that would be something you are interested in? My email is Jennifer_brew@yahoo.ca

    • Jenn, I would be more than happy to talk to you about speaking at your women’s Christmas event. I will email you directly about that. Thanks for asking!

  4. Hi Loreli, I popped into the studio the other day when you were taping on #100HuntleyStreet. Thank You for all that you shared. It really touched my head. This may come across funny but my heart is already on the path to knowing God made me just how He wants me – with a few extra curves, freckles and grey hair under the brown dye.
    It is my head that is in the fight. ” if I don’t look my best then… what “- God can’t use me – not true at all. I also need to stop listening to the well meaning friends around me who remind me I am getting older.
    You know what; I am getting older and I am happy that I am in the roles God has placed me in.
    Again Thank you for what you shared. It really has moved me to thinking and accepting. (Still not sure about the hair but I will let the Lord guide that decision) :) i wonder what i could do with the extra Money every 2 months….

    Thank you (for thinking out loud for a minute.)

    • Barbara, I’m so happy to know that in just a few minutes, you latched onto a life-changing truth! Yes, God loves and values you so completely, regardless of hair colour. The struggles that take place regarding our outward appearance are often a matter of the heart. God bless you as you continue to hear from him and find comfort and wholeness in the skin you’re in!

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