Let’s start with Gary Thomas

I recently had the opportunity to present a workshop to a women’s group based on Gary Thomas‘ book, Sacred Pathways.  Have you heard about this book? Really? Have I not talked your ear off about it?

OK, so the premise of the book is that, in the same way that we have personality types and spiritual gifts, there are worship temperaments that help us relate to God and understand how to love him with our heart, soul, mind and strength.  What I love even more than the freedom this book gives us to explore our own “worship styles” (and we’re not talking music here, we’re talking about how we study, pray, spend time with God) is being able to understand others and how THEY relate to God.  Heaven forbid – seriously, Heaven, strike me down should I suppress the worship of God by another. And yet… and yet, this is the tragic tale of many who have either been discouraged by others to worship freely or have pointed the finger and diminished someone else’s worship. Continue reading

Stuffing on the menu

I don’t know the correct tally of all the stuffing dishes that were available at the community dinner at our church on Christmas day.  What I do know is that our friend Louise, who was organizing the kitchen chaos, whisked Deb’s stuffing away along with the rest. She said something along the lines of “Deb makes THEE best stuffing.”  Louise has an English accent, so it adds credibility to the statement.

BFMC Christmas Dinner 117 BFMC Christmas Dinner 110 Continue reading

It’s All Gravy – Part II

Deb says she’s not so laid back.  Deb says ask her husband, Mike, and also “come with me when I’m trying to catch a plane and running late!”  And also, when she’s being robbed at gun point I’m sure.

She also may not be so chill around pastries.  She says they scare her because they’re so finicky.  It’s her theory that people either have a knack for pastries or they don’t.  She says the same may be true for gravy, for which she has a knack. Continue reading

It’s All Gravy – Part I

What better time to talk about Christmas food and feasting than the week we have all returned to austerity and abstinence.  Do I have my finger on the pulse of society OR WHAT?

Even so, the Christmas cooking lesson cannot be left undocumented as it solved my toughest cooking challenge thus far – making gravy.  My friend, Deb Jensen, heard my call and invited me to her place to help her prepare the fixin’s for a Christmas meal.  This wasn’t just any Christmas meal, either.  It was the meal our church would be putting on for the community on Christmas Day.  The stakes were high. Continue reading